Pennock Floral Truck Installation Design: Presented by Susan Davis from Fresh Designs Florist

Hosted by Pennock Floral Florals are such a key component of most wedding decor, branding, and events, that when floral installations are thrown into the mix, it takes the floral design from decor to artwork in no time!  In this … Read More

Rose Production

It’s February, the hottest month in the flower industry. As florists, decorators, and even a wholesale house it is important to stay current with our farms, in regards to production, grading standards, and quality assurance. Equiflor, one of five leading … Read More

Cold Water vs. Warm Water

{source} There still is not  much clear about the impact of the water temperature on the longevity of flowers.  Some florists vow on cold water, others on lukewarm or even warm water. In general: the colder, the better. Florists differ … Read More

Hydrangea Care Tips

Beautiful with a romantic garden look, it only takes a few stems of hydrangea to create a stunning arrangement that you can mix and match with any other flower! Originating in Eastern Asia, hydrangea have long been appreciated for their … Read More

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