Sunflowers is delightful flowers that are the essence of summer. There are many varieties today, but all are fairly hardy.  Sunflowers  will brighten any occasion! These large field-grown flowers have 2- to 8-inch diameters. Short petals surround a large disc. … Read More

Kudos Korner

We are proud of Bernadette from Edgemont Flowers who participated in Teleflora campaign Teleflora’s Make Someone Smile® program running from Sunday, July 17 through Saturday, July 23. Thousands of Teleflora members include Edgemont Flowers and community volunteers are set to … Read More

Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants

Today we would like to share with you varieties of   Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants. On our web site they are listed as assorted, however  we have up to 15 different  Phalaenopsis. Which will be your favorite?

Independence Day

It’s 4th of July tomorrow and we want to represent you 4 pictures with 4 amazing quotes: “One flag, one land, one heart, one hand, One Nation evermore!” Oliver Wendell Holmes “In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it … Read More

Local Product

Many are aware of the movement “Support your local Florist” or “Support small business” and the importance of this direction. Pennock Floral understand how important it is for us as a wholesaler to support our local farms. We want to … Read More

Cold Water vs. Warm Water

{source} There still is not  much clear about the impact of the water temperature on the longevity of flowers.  Some florists vow on cold water, others on lukewarm or even warm water. In general: the colder, the better. Florists differ … Read More

Hydrangea Care Tips

Beautiful with a romantic garden look, it only takes a few stems of hydrangea to create a stunning arrangement that you can mix and match with any other flower! Originating in Eastern Asia, hydrangea have long been appreciated for their … Read More


Hydrangea Flowers are fluffy, round shaped flowers that are comprised of smaller, four point blooms that cluster together to create one larger shape. Arranging Tips: Hydrangeas are an excellent wedding flower choice for bride bouquets, cake decorations and centerpieces. Wholesale Hydrangeas … Read More

Many Votes For Anthurium Cut Flower Zafira

 {source} by Anthura B.V. Zafira® has been selected for the first round of the FloraHolland Award ‘The Glassy Tulip 2013’. Earlier this year, the vase concept Full Colour® has won ‘The Glassy Tulip 2012’. Zafira® is special because of its … Read More

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