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Since 1882, Pennock Floral has provided floral professionals on the East Coast with everything required to have a successful and flourishing business. We are passionate about selling fresh flowers, greens, and floral supplies and we believe in building trust and creating relationships with our customers. We are committed to providing the floral industry with the highest quality fresh cut flowers and supplies at competitive pricing, with the best delivery options available. Our staff of floral professionals are dedicated to personalized, impeccable service and to the long term success of every customer. 

Thank you for letting us be your business partner!

Who Are We?

We are 'Everything Flowers!' Founded in 1882 in Philadelphia, Pennock Floral has four branches and three distribution points from New Jersey to Florida, making us your go-to source for wholesale flowers and supplies in the Mid-Atlantic, Western PA, and lower Atlantic areas. We are also 100% employee owned. A passion for flowers and our long term experience is what sets us apart from the rest!

Where Do We Import From?

In addition to the United States, we source flowers from leading farms from around the world, including Holland, Italy, Thailand, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, California, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Chile, Guatemala, France, and Canada. We partner with leading suppliers of hard goods in the United States and abroad to meet all your floral supply needs.

What We Offer

In addition to everyday fresh flowers, greens, and floral supply essentials, we also provide hand-picked, rare, and hard-to-find flowers from around the world. We are your source to connect with the growers of breathtaking, quality flowers.

How Will They Get to Me?

We offer several delivery options for your convenience. As industry professionals we understand the importance of your flowers arriving in perfect condition when you need them. Our locations in MA, NY, PA, NJ, MD, and FL offer daily delivery services, or you may pick them up at the store. We also offer nationwide shipping services via FedEx.


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Cut Flowers

Our flowers are shipped from a network of farms all around the world. Upon arrival, the fresh flowers are sent to our coolers where they are potted or shelved depending on the needs of the flower. The knowledge and expertise of our employees ensures that every piece of product is well taken care of and prepared according to our customers’ requests. As industry professionals we understand the importance of your flowers arriving in perfect condition when you need them.
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We provide floral supplies to retail florists and wedding and event designers all over the East Coast. Our skilled buyers, professional sales personnel, and distribution experts strive to provide the best possible floral value in the market! If you want the best floral supplies for your business, geared toward your needs, we are committed to helping you every step of the way.


Flowers & Greens

Roses • Tulips • Lilies • Orchids • Peonies • Hydrangea • Garden Roses • Mums • Pompons • Liatris • Lilac • Viburnum • Stock • Snapdragons • Iris • Lisianthus • Gladiola • Sweet Pea • Carnations • Spray Roses • Gerbera • Calla Lilies • Sweethearts • Mini Calla Lilies • Ruscus • Ginestra • French Tulips  • Amaryllis • Bouvardia • Asters • Campanula • Sunflowers • Star Of Bethlehem • Birds Of Paradise • Ginger • Heliconia • Spider Mums • Grevillea • Freesia • Limonium • Hypericum • Gypsophillia • Dahlias • Bells Of Ireland • Lily Of The Valley • Stephanotis • Lavender • Echeveria • Carthamus • Colvillei • Heather • Pin Cushions • Mini Gerbera • Anemones • Protea


Clear Glass Vases • Colored Glass Vases • Ceramic Containers • Wood Containers • Plastic Containers • Baskets •  Floral Foam Bricks • Mache Foam • Caged Foam • Preservatives • Flower Food • Bouquet Holders • Wedding Supplies • Sympathy Supplies • Prom Supplies • Tools • Floral Spray • Ribbon • Balloons • Packaging • Decorative Accessories • Floral Wire • Floral Tape • Glue • Pot Covers

Event Experts

In addition to working with florists, funeral homes, mass merchants, non-profits, garden centers, gift shops, and many other floral professionals, Pennock Floral is also dedicated to supporting event planners. Whether you are designing for a wedding, an anniversary party, a birthday celebration, or a corporate gathering, we can supply all your floral needs.

As industry professionals we understand the importance of needing flowers to arrive in perfect condition when you need them for your events. Our sales associates will help you with ordering your flowers and accessories and coordinate the product for delivery or pick-up when you need it to ensure a successful event for your client.

In addition to a vast selection of fresh, beautiful flowers, we offer various styles of containers and vases for creating stunning table arrangements. We also offer the final touches to accessorize your designs with decorative accents such as beads and floral wire.