Pennock Floral Truck Installation Design: Presented by Susan Davis from Fresh Designs Florist

Hosted by Pennock Floral

Florals are such a key component of most wedding decor, branding, and events, that when floral installations are thrown into the mix, it takes the floral design from decor to artwork in no time! 

In this series of videos, Susan Davis from Fresh Designs Florist discusses the importance of color theory and how to create an installation piece and the fundamentals of how to enhance your brand, wedding, or event.

So what is a flower installation? They are those larger-than-life flower pieces at events and weddings that make all your guests go from WOW, to how!? They usually require mechanics, extra time to set up and break down, and even water hydration, depending on plants that are used. In this video you will see the stages of what it takes to create those WOW-factor pieces, this will include chicken wire, installation cages, and zip ties. Floral installations undoubtedly bring a whole new level of life into the floral industry.

In this design she starts out picking out the product and placing it with her color wheel. (You can access any color wheel online, at your convenience). It is the best way to keep track of what you want to create and which color will compliment each other for the design. The planning stage of your large installation is the most essential step! This will set the tone for your design and to make that eye-catching statement.

For the final installment, Susan will showcase where the design will start and end. Susan is designing a colorful rainbow combination for one of our Pennock Floral Trucks. As she said in the first video, having all of those key components makes it essential for a show-stopping display. There are plenty of things to consider when creating an installation for your events, aside from the design. Flowers are always present, they give color, joy, and personality to your brand or event. With chicken wire, zip ties, and floral cages, anything is possible.

In conclusion, having a solid design plan with all of the tools you need is essential in making large flower installations work for your business and your clients. It’s a big step, but will undoubtedly pay off in the end! We hope this demonstration gives you the inspiration and confidence needed to get started! Shop with Pennock Floral for any and all of your floral needs.

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