Mother’s Day Flowers

Mother’s Day is a time to honor someone who is and has been one of the most important people in your life. For all the time, care, and nurturing she’s given you throughout the years, she deserves a gift that will brighten her special day and create a happy memory.

Here are 10 of the Flowers Mothers love most:


Carnations have long been the official flower of Mother’s Day. Traditionally, a mother whose own mother is still living gets red or pink carnations. If her mother has passed on, your mother gets a white carnation.


Daisies represent sweetness and innocence. Get white daisies or select a colorful bouquet to bring a happy note to her day.


What woman doesn’t love roses? Yellow roses or orange roses express your feelings of gratitude and joy in having her as your mother.


Lisianthus is the perfect tribute for a mother who admires flowers that look delicate, elegant, and unique. Lisianthus flowers come in a variety of single colors, multi-colors, or in mixed bouquets.


Lilies have a distinctive shape with long petals and high stamens. The color variety is almost endless. From a simple white lily to an orange tiger lily, the flowers you choose will bring your mother happiness.


The anthurium is a beautiful flower with waxy leaves and petals. You can get your mother an anthurium potted plant that she can appreciate now and treasure for months or years to come.


Orchids are the ideal choice for a mother with exotic tastes. A double-stemmed orchid is a truly unique flower that will look just right in a beautifully decorated home.


Show your mother how much you cherish her with a bouquet of tulips in all the colors of the rainbow. They have a fresh, light scent and last longer than many other flowers.


For a mother who has given you abundant love and support, choose the full, lush flowers of the hydrangea plant. Blue hydrangeas are very common and easy to find.


Magnificent gladiolus flowers symbolize faithfulness, honor, and strength of character. If this is how you see your mother, a gladiolus bouquet is just right to express your admiration. The blooms are situated vertically on a long stalk, making this flower especially eye-catching.

Whatever flowers you send to your mother, she will love because they are from you. After all, there never has been and never will be again anyone else just like your amazing mother! Click here for our Mother’s Day selection. Happy Mother’s Day!

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