The Valentine Rose & Its Meaning

Fresh flowers have always been seen as an embodiment of beauty and the use of it as a gift to represent beautiful wishes from the heart.

Though a number of beautiful blossoms such as tulips, daffodils and irises are used as Valentine gifts, the most popular flower for the occasion is undoubtedly the ROSE. It is noteworthy that the color of the rose that you gift to a person indicates the nature of your love for him and her.

Take a look below to know what roses of different color indicate:

  • White Roses – True love, purity of the mind and reverence
  • Pink Roses – Friendship or sweetheart, admiration
  • Yellow Roses – Friendship, celebration and joy
  • Lilac Roses – Love at first sight and enchantment
  • Red Roses – Love and passion
  • Coral Roses – Desire
  • Peach Roses – Desire and excitement or appreciation
  • Orange Roses – Enthusiasm and desire
  • Bouquet of Red & Yellow Roses – Happiness and celebration
  • Bouquet of Red & White Roses – Bonding and harmony
4999-12-1320 Sangria Light Pink Arrangement

Fun Fact: The rose is an indisputable first choice for lovers, not only for Valentine’s Day but also on other occasions. The practice of gifting roses on Valentine’s Day is believed to have become popular with the introduction of the Persian tradition of “the language of flowers”.

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