Pumpkin & Flowers: The Perfect Combo

Since Halloween is fast-approaching, we wanted to share some of our pumpkin-meets-flowers decor and arrangements. Some creative ideas to share from our team at Pennock Floral.

With Halloween coming this weekend, we always think of pumpkins as carving Jack-O-Lanterns but pumpkins can be used for so much more. Pumpkins make wonderful containers for flower arrangements, and you can find those containers with us this autumn season. Easy to order and easy to make.

Get a piece of floral block or foam fully soaked in water. Put it in your container and choose your favorite autumn colors to add to your pumpkin of your choice. You will be amazed at how fun and easy it is. This season we have our classic orange pumpkin and now our trendy white pumpkin. These arrangements are perfect for entertaining, you might even use them for a festive Halloween party.

All of our fall supplies are available today, so login here. Which one will your choose? Or get them both! Get them before October 31, 2021.

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