Tis the Season of Wreaths

The wreath business is a big deal! From easy-selling dried wreaths, to the heartfelt floral poetry of sympathy work, so let’s take a dive into what is really happening in the wreath trending world.

Special Occasion Wreaths

Gatherings are back and taking on a whole new meaning for our customers’ hearts. For those who feel they lost out on a year of more of shared moments, it has become one of the utmost importance to make memorable flower-filled moments a vital part of special occasions. From larger-to-life wreaths made for the perfect photo backdrop to premium wedding wreaths ideal for hanging on church doors, on the backs of the host table seats and more. Wreaths are perfect for celebrating.

Wreaths for inside the Home

Fresh wreaths are trending for inside the home, especially for a softer “cottage core” aesthetic. Wreaths for home are increasingly meant to be enjoyed indoors rather than outdoor decor. Especially with customers working from home looking to create inspiring environments, this trend is all about bringing the beauty of nature indoors.

Wreaths for the Holidays

When the weather get colder, holiday wreaths come out. This year, there will be a big trend towards long-lasting natural wreaths that can easily withstand the elements. Many of these designs will incorporate playful mixes of evergreens, dried seasonal fruit and nuts such as cranberries, rosehips and walnuts.

Sympathy Wreaths

Sympathy work is more important than ever. After many grieving clients across the globe found themselves without the option to say good-bye to their loved ones and community members during COVID restrictions, it has now become an especially important moment in history for florists to explore and showcase their floral creativity through sympathy work.

Looking for creations or certain elements to mix into a gorgeous wreath. We can help with that. Shop with us here and style your doors for each occasion.

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