Autumn is in the Air Arrangement: Fresh Flowers & Supplies

Styling the season with Autumn Flowers

Autumn. The season of warm sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, falling leaves, and orange foliage. It’s no secret that we here at Pennock Floral are very much in love with the season of Autumn, and one of our favorite things about the season to add to the aforementioned list is crisp, fresh autumn flowers and supplies.

When creating an autumn bouquet of flowers, the main thing is to get the colors right. Working with a palate of earthy hues such as oranges and browns will get you off to a good start.

Autumn flowers will make for an inspired gift when it comes to birthdays which fall in October or November. They also make a great gift for you, in case you want to treat yourself to something to brighten up your home with warm autumnal tones.

The arrangement you see before you is a great example of the wonderful things our team of experts here at Pennock Floral can give you when they’re infused with seasonal inspiration. Even pairing it with our Lulita Vase from our Cider & Spice Collection, give it that pop of autumn colors. 

Not only do we have this petite Lulita, but we have a ray of colors from our Cider & Spice Collection. Check out our selection here and place your orders for the Autumn Season. Contact your salesperson for more information at your local branch.

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