Father’s Day Flowers & Gifts

There has never been a better time to gift your dad beautiful fresh flowers! Not convinced? We’ll tell you why! Raise your hand if you’ve ever thought about gifting flowers to a special man in your life. I bet not many of our readers have, and that’s ok. 

But lately, we have been pleasantly surprised by the growing number of men posting photos of their baby plants and flowers, for which they have been proudly caring for some time. Even though a more significant number of women seem to take an interest in flowers, men also appreciate the beauty and take pride in caring for their flowers and plants as much as we do!

Dad’s Deserve Flowers Too

Not only are men coming out of the shadows and showing their pride in having a green thumb, but they also love adding to their collection of house plants and decor. They also find it special and sweet when gifted with a fresh flower arrangement or bouquet.

So what to get Dad this Father’s Day? Practical dads will probably think a fresh flower bouquet is a waste after seeing it wilt after a few weeks. Hence, the best bet for practical dads is an arrangement, which can be long lasting. So check out our favorites the beautiful Blue Iris.

Live Plants and Flowers

We have a variety of live plants and flowers-some exotic, others native to the region. A terrarium filled with succulents, for instance, is a gift that adds joy and interest beyond the special day. Especially if you’re not great with keeping up with the watering, these plants can be long lasting with little attention needed.

Simple arrangements like you see in the video are easy and effortless. We always love the motto of less is more. We have unique and tasteful arrangement ideas to give to that special someone like your Dad. Make this Father’s Day memorable with flowers, check out our selection today, by clicking the link here.

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