2021 Wedding Trends & Colors

Getting married in 2021 comes with a new set of rules, information, and expectations. These weddings are unique because unlike any other year, there are more couples than ever getting married. The wedding industry has become inundated with more business and that’s because there are now two years worth of couples queued up, ready to tie the knot. This has created a trend cycle, unlike anything we’ve ever seen. So if you’re in the throes of wedding planning, or a professional in the industry trying to understand what to expect, we’ve done the research to show you the biggest trend in flowers this year. 

Let’s dive into what we will be seeing trending this year and why.

Flower Trends

Traditional, un-traditional, non-seasonal, and flowers not normally popular in certain geographical locations are what we can expect to see trending in weddings in 2021. Expect the unexpected! Traditions will be honored as well as reimagined. What does that look like?

Colorful Mixes

For many couples, the last two years have proven to many that it is important to live in the moment, and for wedding flowers, that looks like bright and colorful flowers. Couples are embracing the beautiful ways in which life and love come together to paint the larger picture of their wedding day. Colorful flowers incorporated into your wedding display happiness, joy, and excitement, and give the wedding a bright appearance.

This year we’ve seen Ranunculus, Peonies, standard Roses and Garden Roses, Sunflowers, Anemones, Delphiniums, Carnations in unusual new shades, and Stock incorporated into wedding flower bouquets and arrangements.

White Flowers, Emerald Greenery

Tradition is tradition for a reason. White has been the largest color used for many, many years. It complements the symbolism of the white dress and sanctity of marriage that honors love’s new beginnings. The white and green color palette sets the tone in the wedding design now of chic minimalism. But minimalism doesn’t mean fewer flowers. Many couples using this palette trade color variations for a larger amount of designs. This means flowers and greenery are the same throughout the entire wedding, but there are large arch pieces, lush centerpieces, flowers for every person involved in the ceremony, and decorative pieces throughout the reception. The most popular products being used in these weddings are all white roses and Garden Roses, Hydrangeas, Peonies, Carnations, Ranunculus, Stock, Anemones, Italian Ruscus, and Tree Fern.

Minimony – Large Wedding Size

With the most recent CDC guidelines, weddings are looking at returning to their pre-COVID normal for the first time since the onset of the Global Pandemic. Couples, plan the wedding size that makes you feel comfortable. If you realized the big party was not for you, and that your love is best celebrated with a small and intimate group, look into a design that is simple but elegant. Pop of colors can make a table or room fill full without having to go overboard with more arrangements. Sometime’s they say, less is more.

Smaller Engagement Periods

COVID showed many couples the importance of what marriage is about. With the increased popularity of Virtual Zoom Weddings, their wedding day becomes refocused on the joining of two people and not the party. Now, at the beginning of our post-COVID wedding world, the theme of shorter engagements has emerged. Wedding planning has become about planning the wedding of your dreams, but not waiting for other factors to be ready. Smaller arrangements on tables can set a tone for any dream wedding.

 2020 was a roller coaster ride of a year, and the biggest trend we have seen grow from the ashes is that nothing is predictable for weddings this year. Couples are embracing new levels of wedding freedom that will be impossible to dictate what trends will be for certain. So whether you’re a bride reading this blog, or a florist looking to understand what’s to come, stay flexible, and know that flowers are ALWAYS the right choice! Pennock is here to help with all of that, so click this link here and plan your dream wedding.

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