How to Select the Perfect Mother’s Day Flowers and Supplies

Mother’s Day and flowers have been synonymous since the beginning of time. Presenting mom with a bundle of flowers or a gorgeous bouquet always brightens her day, but if you really know how to select the perfect Mother’s Day flowers, you’ll make a lasting impression.

Here are few factors to consider when preparing for Mother’s Day:

  • Mom’s Favorite Colors
  • Mom’s Favorite Flowers
  • Where she’ll display them
  • Mom’s Style
  • Freshness/Durability


Different hues convey a range of emotions. If you want to express a specific feeling on Mother’s Day it’s a good idea to consider the colors in your floral gift. As you can see in this arrangement, pink is a great choice, because it’s playful, innocent and light. Green evokes a peaceful, pure feeling while white inspires thoughts or freshness, tradition and honesty. Of course, deep meanings aside, giving some consideration to your mom’s favorite shades is also incredibly helpful.

Display Location:

Give some thought to the area of the house that the flowers will probably be displayed in. Consider the colors in that area of her home and plan your gift accordingly. While most flowers will look captivating in most rooms, planning your arrangement to complement the space is especially thoughtful.

It’s always a hassle to find those perfect flowers and that perfect vase. But with Pennock Floral you don’t have to worry. We make it easy and effortless. Logging in today or giving us a call, we’ll be able to make your Mother’s Day a success.

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