New ‘Best Price’ Pricing Structure

We have been making improvements at Pennock Floral and pricing is at the top of our list. We constructed a new pricing model to better serve our customers. What does this mean for you? We always offer the best price!

It is a hassle to shop around looking for the best price, so we have taken haggling out of the equation. We can guarantee you that everyday low price no matter the item. Whether you call our customer service or log on to our website at you will have the best price at your fingertips.

Our cut flowers provide the best value to our customers. When we talk about buying flowers we talk about quality, service, and low prices. If you don’t have all three then you have nothing. With our new pricing model it will guarantee you our best product at low prices. In the past when it came to wholesale pricing you would buy a bunch or a box individually but with our new pricing model we only offer one price. Yes you read that right, one price and it’s the best price! Whether you buy a bunch or box the price remains the same.

We spent months analyzing our customers’ purchases and reconfigured our pricing to better suit your needs. Our pricing makes it easy to make a decision, you don’t have to shop around or haggle because the best price is always online. How do we do it? New and better box packaging, plus we have partnered with selected growers that share the same passion, quality, service and price.

We are always trying to better our business to serve you. You can’t beat these prices and we provide you the best quality, the best service, and the best price year round. Log in today and shop with us!

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