International Women’s Day

At Pennock Floral, we love and appreciate women and all they bring to the world. On March 8th, we invite you to celebrate International’s Women’s Day. On this special day, people around the world stop to thank the women in their lives through gifts and flowers.

Remember to honor the women who have been the most influential to you in your life. Think of the teachers, mentors, guides and role models who have made more than an impression, they’ve made a difference. International Women’s Day is just the time to support and celebrate the women who fit that description for you, and besides, more than 100 countries will be celebrating the achievements of women right there with you.

Across the World

In many countries, International Women’s Day is the equivalent of Mother’s Day which means that children are encouraged to give flowers and small gifts to their grandmothers and mothers. 

  • In Vietnam, it is customary for bosses and co-workers to send flowers to their female colleagues.
  • In Italy, women are given yellow mimosas.
  • In Russia, women are given roses or seasonal flowers such as snowdrops, tulips or daffodils.
  • In some countries, students also give flowers to their female teachers.

Flower giving is one of the traditional ways to recognize the achievements of women on this day. The origins of that tradition in the Western World date back to 8th March 1946 (a year after the end of World War II) when a group of Italian feminists chose the mimosa flower as the symbol of strength, sensibility and sensitivity.

Don’t let International Women’s Day pass you by. With the help of Pennock Floral, you can have a stunning floral gift that is certain to impress, so you can give the women in your life something to show your appreciation. Let us know how we can help you with the gift of fresh flowers this March 8th.

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