Valentine’s Day Flowers done Right!

Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to surprise your loved ones with beautiful flowers. For the floral professional, this means that the weeks leading up to V-Day are amongst the busiest weeks of the year.

So we compiled a list of products that would best suit you for the holiday. This list is a combination of the most popular Valentine’s Flowers of last year and current trends.

Roses (of course)

There’s no escaping it: Roses are still the number one Valentine flower of 2020 and probably for many years to come. Red roses are by far the most sought after. But since not every red Rose is the same, here are the most popular red roses.

  1. Rose Freedom Red
  2. Rose Red Elegance
  3. Spray Rose Rubicon


Tulips are in our opinion the alternative for Roses to give someone for Valentine’s Day. Below you find the symbolic meanings behind the two most romantic colors that you can recommend to your customers.

Red Tulips – By gifting these, the giver implies that the receiver is “The One” for him or her. 

Pink Tulips – When your customer wants to send a more delicate message, pink tulips show affection to the receiver.

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers might not be the first product you think of when considering what to put in your Valentine’s day stock. But that’s just the thing, you really should!

They symbolize an immortal, everlasting kind of love. Just the message your customers want to send their truest Valentine!


Of course, the Peony can’t be missing on this list. The delicate but lush flower heads make this one of the most beloved flowers to give to that special one.


The Anemone is a symbol of honesty and care. Giving someone a bouquet of Anemones sends the message that you wish to be together with that person. This makes Anemones great flowers for both longtime lovers and those who want to ask someone to be their Valentine.

Check with your wholesale provider and make Valentine’s Day your successful one yet. Order with us online to get started.

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