Floral Foam

The Benefits of Floral Foam

Floral foam is really helpful for creating a beautiful and professional flower arrangement. Using it properly can allow you to create floral compositions that would otherwise be really difficult to support. In addition, floral foam extends the life of your flower arrangements by giving them a reliable and steady water source.

What is Floral Foam?

Floral foam is dense and lightweight material that can be cut into different shapes and sizes. It holds its shape when wet and provides both water and support to your flower arrangements. It also provides support to the flower stems, giving you more control with your floral arrangements. Another important feature of floral foam is how quickly it will soak and absorb water. 

Why Use Floral Foam?

Some arrangements, such as those in a traditional vase, don’t need foam. However, by using foam you can create fantastic flower arrangements which, without a strong base, couldn’t be supported. Remember that bricks are easy to cut with everyday florist tools and can be shaped into whatever form you require. 

Floral foam not only gives you the base for these arrangements, it allows you to provide a steady water source for flowers by holding water within the foam. This extends the life of the flowers, giving both you and your customers more value.

Get Creative

Floral foam is a great way to get creative with your work. You’ll get tons of inspiration from the variety of pre-made shapes available. By cutting and shaping your own forms, you can make truly one-of-a-kind creations which add long-lasting beauty to any occasion. Visit us online and shop with us today!

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