Watch It Bloom: Holiday Cheer Arrangements

As the most wonderful time of the year begins to roll in, many of us find ourselves in a frenzy to find the perfect accents that will finalize your home decorations in time for the autumn and winter seasons. Or, if you’re like, you’re probably trying to achieve that special look that will not only welcome, but impress your dinner guests during the holidays.

There are more interesting ways to diversify your table arrangements. These vases are a popular choice if you want a strong, but subtle decorative accent for your living rooms and corporate lobby reception desks. Their size makes them more like large glass containers that can hold pretty much anything you want, so don’t feel like you need to constrain yourself.

While these vases are perfect for traditional floral designs, I personally love how perfect they are for connecting them together for a full decorative look. The bold colors will draw the attention of all your guests while adapting perfectly with the holiday theme.

With these spectacular vase design ideas, we hope you feel sufficiently inspired to start your holiday set ups. Happy decorating!


  • 8 Branches Blue Juniper
  • 5 Stems Ruby Red Hydrangea
  • 10 Stems Burgundy Gerpoms
  • 10 Stems Sarracenia
  • 36 Stems Gold Pearl Sprays
  • Assortment Round Red, White, Clear Vase

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