November Flower of the Month: Rose Black Baccara

The Black Baccara Rose with its velvet petals is the closest breeders have come to producing a naturally black rose. It is the darkest, most mysterious rose of them all. On its edges, Baccara rose is almost black, but as the blossom unfurls, it reveals interior petals which are a rich burgundy red. These roses were originally developed for the cut flower market, for they have an unusually long vase life as well as their unusual coloring. This rose does not have a strong fragrance but adds a touch of mystery and intrigue to any garden.

The dramatic blossoms are borne on long, strong stems and last up to 2 weeks in a vase, making this rose a popular choice. Blooming in flushes from spring to fall, the velvety texture and unique color of the flowers contrast nicely with the foliage of semi-glossy, dark green leaves. This tall but gorgeous rose will undoubtedly take your breath away.

  • Grows up to 3-6 ft. tall (90-180) and 2-3 ft. wide (60-90 cm)
  • An excellent choice for beds, borders, flowering hedges, or containers. Stunning when mass-planted. Excellent cut flowers.
  • Best grown in full sun, in rich, fertile with adequate moisture, well-drained soils.

Hands-down these are the most beautiful roses! They have the most dark rich velvety red outer petals with a crimson center. If there was a “queen” or “empress” rose, this would be it. They look regal and luxurious. Do yourself a favor and get some, you won’t be disappointed. So check out our website and start shopping today.

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