September Flower of the Month: Dahlia

Many people think summer ends when school begins, but for Dahlia growers that’s not the case. Growers don’t put away their gardening shears until the first sight of frost. And there are all different kinds of categories of Dahlia flowers, and for the average gardener these have been filtered into basic groups of Decorative, Dinner Plate, Pompon, Collarette, Cactus, Anemone Flowering, and Dwarf Bedding.

Dahlias like their Space

Fun fact about Dahlias, you don’t often see them growing in flower beds mixed with other plants. This is because Dahlias dislike competition from other plants. They don’t like sharing soil nutrition, and they like a bit of space around them. So, traditionally they are grown in beds on their own.

Wedding Favorites

September is also the month of wedding season and Dahlias are the perfect symbol of love. They have a sophisticated style that will bring an air of elegance to any wedding floral arrangement. Especially with their dynamic shape and round petals, they mesh well with so many other varieties of flowers and greenery. The bushy blooms come in a wide ranges of shades, vibrant and saturated colors that will leave you speechless. When it comes to these pretty flowers, you can’t pick just one!

Dahlias symbolize grace, change, uniqueness, kindness, elegance, creativity, dignity, commitment and balance.

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