Watch It Bloom: Summer Collection Decorative Accent Arrangement

Nothing is as revitalizing as having a fresh arrangement of flowers in your house to brighten up your state of mind. Not only do they add some class, however they make you feel much better.

The trick to floral arranging is to choose those few flowers well and make sure they have a graceful line. This process is the quietest one, when you’re paying such close attention to each flower, it becomes almost meditative. Make sure to cluster the flowers together so they can prop themselves up as a whole.

Flower arranging is relaxing, and enables you to bring a little art into our stress-saturated day. An hour with flowers connects you to the natural world, lets you think about color (instead of your inbox), and gives you something to savor for the coming week. It’s a treat-yourself act, for sure.

One parting idea: If you want to be next-level kind, make an arrangement for someone else. You can stay low key and small just like this arrangement. It’s colorful, relaxing and perfect for any home. This type of arrangement would look best on a desktop, mantel, or anywhere you need a bit of good cheer.

  • 5 Stems Pittosporum Nigra
  • 10 Stems Peach Mini Gerberas
  • 10 Stems Pink Majolika Spray Rose
  • 3 Yards Oasis Ray Muslin Coral
  • Mateo Pot

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