Watch It Bloom: Summer Collection Cascading Line Arrangement

There’s something about a flower arrangement that lifts up the mood of anyone who sees it. It’s classic, timeless, attractive and meaningful. No wonder it’s one of the few things that make for a great gift to heartily express your feelings.

But the gift of flowers is made more significant depending on how it is arranged. And if you want to make an impression, here are a few tips to keep it simple but elegant. Flower arrangements vary according to the fillers used, arrangement shape, and the focal point chosen for a bouquet or arrangement.

A cascading line arrangement is composed mainly of a few pieces of flowers and foliage set up in the focal area. Since it’s on the minimal side, it highlights the natural beauty of flowers that are meant to be viewed from the front. Did you know, a cascading line arrangement is sometimes referred as Ikebana, the Japanese word for the art of flower arrangement.

This type of arrangement is perfect for a side table or mantel. It has that summer glow that will freshen up any home. This flower arrangement is sure to bring happiness to anyone, making them feel loved and appreciated.


  • 25 Stems Free Spirit Roses
  • 10 Stems Green Lily Grass
  • 7 Stems Green Hanging Amaranthus
  • Oasis Bind Wire
  • Clear Glass Bella Vase

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