Watch It Bloom: Summer Collection Tropical Spiral Arrangement

Want a summer look that’s perfect for your tabletop. Our summer flowers practically demand to be showcased! This design is called a tropical spiral arrangement, and it’s a technique that you can create all in one hand.

Let’s start off with using about 15-25 stems and make sure you pick the prettiest ones you want to make for your focal point. You’ll want to your flowers in three sizes: Large, medium and small. Cut the stems to the same length and strip away excess greenery. And start criss-crossing the stems together, which forms the basis for your spiral.

To finish add in single blooms, varying the size for a balanced look. Remember to keep criss-crossing the stems and to turn the bouquet as you work. Once you’ve reached a nice size for your centerpiece, simply transfer the bouquet into the vase of your choice. But keep in mind before placing the bouquet in your vase, make sure you use wire or floral tape to keep your bouquet tightly together.

Now you have a beautiful arrangement ready for the summer season!  


  • 10 Stems Variegated Aspidistra
  • 10 Stems Marco Polo Dendrobium Orchids
  • 10 Stems Hot Pink Double Tulips
  • Oasis Bind Wire
  • Clear Glass Gathering Vase

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