Watch It Bloom: Spring Collection Pavé Textured Arrangement

The air is starting to get warmer, so why not end the season with a cool colored hue arrangement. This design represents serenity and relaxation. Its peaceful palette is a blend of delicate cool colors with blues and pinks at its heart. It is dense and crowded with flowers, but has a clean appearance. This style is sophisticated and works well for small surfaces or tabletops.

A Pavé style arrangement is very easy to recreate. Make sure you fill your vase with water first and then layer your flowers to sit at the top of the vase (we used hydrangeas for our bottom layer). Once that’s done you can position your flowers around the hydrangeas or any type of floral or foliage you would like to use. Some should be taller or shorter to how you would want to showcase your arrangement. We chose a range of florals to represent a cool airy look. And there you have it, what a sweet way to end the spring season.


  • 3 Stems Shocking Blue Hydrangea
  • 2 Stems Pink Ice Protea
  • 1 Stem Mini Cymbidium Pink
  • 5 Stems White Hyacinth
  • 8 Stems Sweet Eskimo Roses
  • Terrazzo Vase

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