Spring Wedding Ideas

There’s something special about spring weddings. The abundance of flowers, pastels colors, the garden inspired details. Not to mention the very season is a time to welcome change and warmer weather. So many flowers are in bloom during spring, there’s a lot of color palette possibilities and tons of styles for a spring inspired weddings. Here are a few styles that associate with a sweet springtime palette:

A Statement Entrance

For a pop of color these pastels add a soft elegant touch to welcome any of your guests on that special day. We especially love how this installation contrasts with the church’s traditional entryway, which is dressed with climbing jasmine and ivy.

Pastel Blooms

Talk about springtime bouquet! This bridal beauty features lots of pink, purple, green, and white, including white peonies, lavender, white roses, and pale pink sweetheart roses. Perfect for any springtime look!

A Floral Chandelier

Nothing screams ’tis the season like hanging installation of pink tulips. Keep the look going with a monochromatic vibe carried throughout the plates, flatware, and rose gold chairs.

Flower Girl Baskets

Woven baskets are perfect for a spring style for your flower girls. Also flower crowns add a sweet touch to your already adorable flowers girls.

A Floral Archway

Make the entryway to your ceremony or reception stand out. It’s easy to make it a focal point of the celebration, especially when it looks and smells like this. Your archway will be the talk of the town and are great for selfies.

Lily of the Valley

You can’t get more classic than a lily of the valley nosegay or bridal bouquet. This is a wedding favorite for a reason.

The options are limitless and truly stunning when it comes to a springtime wedding. If you have any spring favorites please reply below, we would love to hear your feedback.

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