Watch It Bloom: Spring Collection Modern Arrangement

For Mother’s Day we have the perfect arrangement just for her. Not all floral arrangements have to have a classic or traditional look. Sometimes just making a simple modern design can speak a thousand words. Show mom, your best friend, or any woman who has devoted all or part of her life to being a mother, that you care.

To keep the arrangement modern, group flowers together in a simple shape and turn up the color for contrast. Then cut stems short and arrange monochromatic forming around the vase. You can add leaves to the vase if needed. Personalizing your gift shows that you made a special effort to honor the most important woman in your life –  your mom. This arrangement would also be perfect for tabletops, centerpieces, or a windowsills.

This year, remember all the moms in your life. Send flowers on Mother’s Day, and a gift of love and appreciation, a bright and cheerful gift that fits perfectly for her. Why? Because they make this world bright and cheerful, too.


  • 3 Stems Variegated Aspidistra
  • 3 Stems Purple Hydrangea
  • 10 Stems Picasso Calla Lily
  • 5 Stems Lavender Hyacinth
  • Round Embossed Glass Lavender Vase

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