Watch It Bloom: Spring Collection Tulip and Daffodil Arrangement

Flowers bring the joyful promise of spring. This design utilizes an armature, which is a wonderful mechanic for supporting blossoms in a floral arrangement. While most armatures are hidden within the design, an artistic armature can be created to be the prominent feature of a contemporary floral design.

For this armature start with the base and layer each birch twig one by one to help tie everything together, this will create a firm hold for the rest of the elements to be placed. Then add the tulips and daffodils to bring it all together. You can add foliage or accents as seen here to create a more balanced look. Each separate part is essential to the design so there isn’t a primary focal point. The interest is to be equally distributed throughout the design.

This unique design is bold in color and form. This arrangement would be perfect for events, centerpieces, and tabletops.


  • 1 Bunch Short Dried Natural Birch Twigs
  • 10 Stems Orange Double Tulips
  • 10 Stems Yellow Daffodils
  • 10 Yellow Craspedia
  • Green Reindeer Moss
  • Cabana Sheer Green Blue Vase

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