Watch It Bloom: Spring Collection Basket Arrangement

A-Tisket, A-Tasket, Flowers in a Basket

This humble wicker basket is an integral part of so many traditions. Where would we be without our Easter baskets and our picnic baskets? Beautiful, functional, handmade, and constructed of natural materials, baskets are the perfect container to hold the bounty of your imagination.

To make an arrangement just like this one, first take a shallow plastic liner to fit the bottom of the basket and fill with water. Then tuck several hydrangeas or any large mass of flowers that you prefer for your basket at the base. Place your tulips tightly throughout the hydrangeas, as they will continue to grow since they are phototropic. Once complete you have a very simple arrangement that showcases the season’s beauty.

This stunning spring centerpiece will be perfect for any luncheon, Easter dinner, Mother’s Day, or simply to brighten any home.


  • 3 Stems Pink Hydrangea
  • 10 Stems White Double Tulips
  • Grey Wash Basket with Handle

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