Watch It Bloom: Spring Collection Phoenix Arrangement

Spring is a time for renewal and rebirth. This design was inspired by the mythological bird that cyclically sets itself on fire and rises from its own ashes to begin another long life. The design is a composition in which tall materials burst from the center of a round arrangement in a radial fashion with a triangular shape.

Start by grouping various foliage but in our case we used hydrangea to fill at the base, leaving a hole in the center for the fireworks. Remember the base is to be a round shape. Then add your long stems to a create an upside down triangle from all sides. After putting in the line flowers, fill in the rounded form at the base with the anemone.

This design is great for even spaces, altar designs, and large outdoor containers. This composition gives added height without using volumes of flowers.


  • 3 Stems Antique Hydrangea
  • 10 Stems Blue Anemone
  • 10 Stems Purple Larkspur
  • 10 Stems Pussy Willow
  • Cabana Glass Bella Vase

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