Watch It Bloom: Spring Collection Pavé Cube Arrangement

What better way is there to celebrate spring than with flowers? This adorable arrangement of daffodils, blue muscari, and green dianthus created in a pavé style is simple yet appealing. It is dense and crowded with flowers, but has a clean appearance. This style is a sophisticated look and works well for small surfaces or tabletops.

Flowers used in a pavé arrangement should have compact heads that lend themselves well to the style. The arrangement should have a fairly smooth, even surface to represent the style.

To create a small pavé arrangement of your own, fill your vase about halfway with water. Create a ring of flowers as seen around the rim of the glass, trimming the stems so that flowers hang just over the rim. Continue to position the flowers so that they are touching and very close together. Repeat with more rings of flowers, working from the outside in towards the middle. You want to form a mound by trimming each stem slightly longer with each ring until the glass is full.


  • 10 Stems Green Dianthus
  • 10 Stems Yellow Daffodils
  • 10 Stems Blue Muscari
  • Cabana Green Glass Cube Vase

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