A Peek at Packing

Have you ever been curious how our flowers are shipped and packaged before they are sent out to our customers? Recently I visited one of our branches to see it first-hand. We have a process to ensure that each and every one of our cut flowers is cared for properly and efficiently. 

  • The cooler trucks arrive and drop off product to our in-house cooler
  • The product is sorted per its needs
  • The new product is inventoried and checked in for processing
  • Product is spot checked to ensure health
  • Then the packing begins!

Our flowers are shipped from a network of farms all around the world. Upon arrival, the fresh flowers are sent to our larger coolers where they can be potted or shelved depending on the needs of the flower. Once checked in to inventory the product is packaged and ready for their next stop, the floral professionals. The knowledge and expertise of our employees ensures that every piece of product is well taken care of and prepared according to our customers’ requests.

It’s amazing to think of the journey each flower takes, and our goal is to give them their best chance at success for every stage of their life.


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