Allium is the Latin name for garlic or onion, including ornamental varieties.

Allium Bullit Purple
Allium Bullit Purple

Colors:  Lavender, purple, white, pink, yellow and green
Vase Life: 6- 10 days. Alliums are suitable for drying
Availability: Summer and Fall
Average Stem Length: 60-100 cm (23-39  inch)

The allium’s distinct shape makes for striking and unusual flower arrangements.
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Care and handling tips for Allium

  • During shipping the dense spherical flower heads often become, flattened. The roundness can be restored to the shape of the flower head by rolling each stem back and forth gently between the palms of your hands.
  • Remember that all cut flowers need to be rehydrated whenever they have been removed from their source of water for any period of time.

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