Boutonniere and Corsage Magnets

Boutonniere and Corsage MagnetsCorrectly pinning a boutonniere is a trick that confounds most people. Corsage magnets will solve this problem like a shot. Using magnets provide the following benefits:

  •   No pins
  •   No holes
  •   No damage to even the finest fabrics
  •   No pin pricks
  •   Secure holding
Corsage Magnets with wire from Stemsons
Lomey Corsage Magnets from Oasis Floral Products.

At Pennock Floral Tri-State, we have two types of Corsage Magnets:
1. Corsage Magnets with wire from Stemsons. Contents 5 sets per box
Simply wrap super magnet with wire around stems and cover with floral tape. Slip other magnet under dress fabric or lapel. Corsage or boutonniere snaps in place.

2. Lomey Corsage Magnets from Oasis Floral Products. Contents 12 sets per box.
Slide the thin metal disk off the top of the magnet. Put Oasis Floral Adhesive on the metal disk and place on the foundation of your corsage. If wiring and taping, place the disk inside the tape. When your design is complete, place the magnet on the back of the corsage where it comes into contact with the metal disk inside.

As you may see, using corsage magnets is easy. And let’s not forget the best part – no more pricking your fingers either! Who hasn’t hurt themselves or someone else using traditional floral pins?

WARNING: Since magnets can interfere with medical implants, such as a heart pacemaker or other electronic equipment, please make your customers aware.

Magnet trick:

When flowers are placed in water, they tend to float and you need some kind of sinker to submerge or suspend them in the water. You can position a flower under water by using a magnet. Glue the thin side of a corsage magnet to the back of the flower head and place the powerful thicker half outside the vase. This will not only sink the flowers, but it will also make it easy to move the magnet and position each flower to sit exactly where you want it.
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