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There are multiple products in the market used in the coloring of flowers.  Absorbit and DipIt are the most convenient methods for coloring large amounts of fresh cut flowers.

ABSORBIT – A systemic floral dye.
Absorbit color flowers through the stem to the blossom: coloring from the inside out.

DIPIT – A dip and rinse dye.
Dipit colors fresh blossoms by the  immersion of the flower heads placed directly  into the dye then rinsing away excess color. creating Smooth, natural appearing color on fresh flowers and can be used  on all fresh silk and dried plant material.

Both Absorbit and Dipit dye colors can be mixed within each product line to create new hues.

Today we will test DipIt

DipIt Features

  • No petal burning
  • Use on fresh and silk flowers, dried materials
  • Makes coloring large quantities easier
  • 10 colors available
  • Colors mix to create more hues

Color Swatches

D04 Ice Blue D36 Yellow/Yellow
D07 Larkspur
  D40 Purple
  D08 Lavender   D43 Deep Blue
  D14 Holiday Red   D75 Orange
  D17 Holiday Green   D80 Perfect Pink

We took purple dye (A/D40 purple) and white-blue variegated hydrangea.

DipIt HydrangeaWe then prepared two buckets: one with DipIt, the other with clear water.  We took the hydrangea stem and put it into the DipIt solution.  The design Master instructions say to dip for two seconds, however the longer you keep the stem in the solution the darker the color will be.

Usage Tips : Pull the leaves off the coloring

DipIt Hydrangea After dipping in color rinse hydrangea blossoms thoroughly in clear water.  In this stage the concentrated purple color will be washed and easily dispersed around all of the  blossoms. the color becomes lighter and will appear more natural.

DipIt Hydrangea To finish up simply dry in the box. If a deeper shade is wanted simply repeat the coloring cycle.

One bottle of DipIt 1 Qt. (.946 L.) approximately lasts for 40 hydrangea stems.

We enjoyed dyeing with DipIt from Design Master.  It’s easy, you get fast results, can change color depth, and it looks natural.

Have you ever tried to use Dip It or other dyes? What was your experience?
Please share it with us!

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