Mother’s Day Craft

Mother’s Day is one of the biggest Holiday in flower industry and flowers consider being number one present. For many flower shops, it’s time to meet their old and dedicated customers, but also it’s a time where you can attract new clients and turn them into your regular customers.

At this cherish Holiday, you can melt your customer heart by giving your customer a little present. You can choose one of three truly simple Mother’s Day crafts:

  1. Provide printables for customers who have children.
  2. Craft Vases/ Pots
  3. Make simple scrapbook cards

All of this options are very inexpensive, easy to make or you can give away a little DIY (Do It Yourself) supply kit.

Take a look at each Mother’s day craft with some examples:

1. Printables

Provide printables for customers who have children.

Mother's Day Printables

Mother's Day Printables

Mother's Day Printables

2. Craft vases/pots.  Pre made them, organize a little supply kit or make workshop for kids and their parents in your store.

You can use all kind of supplies, just turn on your imagination.

Here a list of supplies that you can use to make craft vases:


Colored Tape

Embossed Foil


Silk Flowers


Rustic Wire

Corsage Leaves


Beaded Wire


Spray Paint

Bind Wire



Raffia Hunks



3. Make a simple scrapbook cards:

You know that Mother’s day weekend will be extremely busy, so right now it’s a great time to do all the Mother’s Day craft preparations.

Have a successful Holiday!

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