Wedding Flower Trends 2013

Flower industry has been drawing much of it’s influenced from the fashion industry.  New shades of colors and varieties are popping up and we need to stay on the edge of new wedding trends.

We want to share with you a few of the hottest trends for 2013 and how to work them into your wedding flowers.

2013 Flower Trend #1 – Bark: Bark (or birch) will be very popular, especially with couples trying to achieve a rustic/outdoorsy theme. Think birch bark candle holders for your tables, log table numbers, and bark containers/vases for your centerpieces. Work thin branches into your centerpieces to add a rustic touch to your flowers.

Take a look at our Blog Post “Heirloom Arrangement”, where we used Birch folders.WEDDING FLOWER TRENDS 2013

2013 Flower Trend #2 – 1920’s: Thank the release of The Great Gatsby movie for bringing back the resurgence in this gorgeous style. This is a stunning trend for brides who aren’t afraid of glitz and glamour. Aim for a big, overflowing cascade bouquet, which was popular with 1920s brides, and consider incorporating ribbons, beads, or lace, all fabulous accents that lend themselves well to this decade. For the guys, stick with a smaller boutonniere to achieve the same style that 1920s grooms wore. (Need some inspiration? Check out for tons of authentic 1920s wedding styles.)

WEDDING FLOWER TRENDS 20132013 Flower Trend #3 – Birds: Love birds will love this trend that can be easily tied into your flowers and centerpieces. For centerpieces, use decorated bird cages or small bird nests filled with flowers. For your bouquets, feathers added to your flowers will keep this theme a little more subtle. WEDDING FLOWER TRENDS 20132013 Flower Trend #4 – Cascade Bouquets: The gorgeous cascade-style bouquet that was so popular in the 1980s is making its comeback! And, it’s no surprise given that this shape works wonderfully with a variety of wedding styles from rustic to glam.

Cascading wedding bouquets are fetching displays that draw the eye directly to the bride as she walks down the aisle. These bouquets typically consist of a mix of large and small blooms with greenery to add depth and character.
WEDDING FLOWER TRENDS 2013 Check out our Pinterest board for Inspiration and see more then 70 beautiful and inspiring pictures.

2013 Flower Trend #5 – Spring Color Palette from Pantone
New fashion colors brings us great variety of flowers for each color, ok for most of them.
Spring Color Palette from PantoneEmerhald – Echeveria
Grayed Jade –  Dusty Miller, Kochia, Brunia, Echeveria  and Lambs Ear
African Violet – Hyacinth, Lisianthus, Lilac,
Monaco Blue – Iris, Delphinium
Nectarine – Dalia, Tulips, Mini Callas
Poppy Red – Carnations, Fressia, Amsterdam Rose
Linen – Dalia Café O’la, Rose Vendela,
Lemon Zest – Daffodils, Lilies, Acacia, Craspedia
Tender Shoots – Amaranths , Coxcomb Green, Bells of Ireland
Dusk Blue – Delphinium Hybrid Light Blue, Hydrangea Light Blue

Sources: All Occasion Silk Creations , Pantone

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