Paperbark Melaleuca

Branches Paperbark Melaleuca
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Traditional Aboriginal uses
Australian Aborigines have used the leaves for many medicinal purposes, including chewing the young leaves to alleviate headache and for other ailments.Paperbark Melaleuca IMG_8051

Modern uses

  • Scientific studies have shown that tea tree oil made from M. alternifolia is a highly effective topical antibacterial and antifungal, although it may be toxic when ingested internally in large doses or by children. In rare cases, topical products can be absorbed by the skin and result in toxicity.Paperbark Melaleuca IMG_8064
  • The oils of Melaleuca can be found in organic solutions of medication that claims to eliminate warts, including the Human papillomavirus. No scientific evidence proves this claim.
  • Melaleuca oils are the active ingredient in Burn-Aid, a popular minor burn first aid treatment (an offshoot of the brandname Band-Aid)
  • Melaleuca bark is used to make a natural bio-degradable paper or papyrus which is considered by many to be a renewable resource and therefore much more environmentally friendly than modern paper farming or deforestationPaperbark Melaleuca 1-IMG_8090    Paperbark Melaleuca is great addition for any Holiday arrangement. It has a nice awl-like leaves that gives Paperbark Melaleuca truly wintery look.  Melaleuca Branches are 32 inches long, so it can be used as a line flower in a tall arrangement. Look how our Design Consultant & Showroom Stylist Valerie McNichols used Paperbark Melaleuca for creating a magnificent winter bouquet.
      • Paperbark Melaleuca 3-IMG_8109 Paperbark Melaleuca 4-IMG_8148
        She used these flowers in this bouquet:

        • Helleborus
        • Celosia
        • Pink Mink Protea
        • Paperbark Melaleuca
        • Statice Sinatum White
      • Paperbark Melaleuca 5-IMG_8158
      • Paperbark Melaleuca 6-IMG_8165Paperbark Melaleuca 7-IMG_8170

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