Eskimo Rose

The Eskimo Rose is premium quality and a beautiful white rose with a large head and 40-50-60 cm stem. Can be arranged beautifully with Gypsophila (Baby’s Breath) or Leather Leaf Fern.

Eskimo is a true intense bright white that opens into a fabulous star shape. This pure white rose is sure to draw attention to any wedding bouquet, table centerpiece or bridal flower arrangement.

Meaning of Eskimo
Eskimo or Es·ki·mos  A group of peoples inhabiting the Arctic coastal regions of North America and parts of Greenland and northeast Siberia

Two principal competing etymologies have been proposed for the name “Eskimo”, both from the Innu-aimun (Montagnais) language. The word meaning “snowshoe netter”. The word assime·w means “she laces a snowshoe” in Montagnais.

I have my personal associations with word “Eskimo”. Most people who travel in Russia during the summer and notice that almost every block you can find an ice cream vendor. “Eskimo” is the name for any ice cream on a stick, probably because Eskimo Pie was an early import adopted by Russia.

Eskimo Pie is a brand name for a chocolate-covered vanilla ice cream bar wrapped in foil, the first such dessert sold in the United States. It is now marketed by Nestlé, owners of Dreyer’s of the Western United States, and Edy’s of the Eastern United States.

Russian ice cream – natural, no high-fructose syrup, no chemicals. The color of Russian Eskimo is totally repeat color of Rose Eskimo.

When  you will  use Eskimo Roses in your arrangements just remember this little stories about Eskimos people and  Eskimo Pie.

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