Rose Corazon

Rio Roses has a new variety of red roses – Corazon Rose.

Grower description

We here at Pennock decided to  do a vase life test on this variety to see how long it will last, is it going to hold the shape and color and will our customers be pleased.
We put 25 stems in water, no flower food added,  and we kept the flowers at room temperature (69 F°).
We watched its performance for the next 11 days.
We did not re cut the stems or change the water during this experiment !!
The reason behind this you ask… To see how they would do under a not so perfect situation.

Click below to take a peek at the pictures we took throughout this experiment
As you can see the Corazon Rose started opening on the 3rd day. By the 9th day it open completely. And, on the 11 day the Corazon Rose Began to fade, but it still held its shape and color.

   We here at Pennock are very happy to now be able to carry the                         Rio Corazon Rose.
We broke some rules of standard flower care We didn’t change the water and we added no flower food.  Imagine if we had!!
The overall experiment we consider as successful
We saw with our own eyes that the Corazon rose
1- Has big blooms
2- Opened fully
3- Has a beautiful rich red color
4- Has a strong neck
5- Can hold up with a 10-12 days vase life and still keep its shape and color.

 What do you think about Corazon Rose? Do you see the way to use it in your business?

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