Consumers Quite Fond of ‘Anonymous’ Alstroemeria

While most florists consider Alstroemeria a nice but simple and unspectacular flower, and most certainly not exotic, their customers do not share that opinion at all, it turns out. They, in fact, consider it quite special and appealing. The exact character of the Peruvian Lily is clearly a matter of significant disagreement between florists and consumers, a new survey by the Dutch Product Board for Horticulture has uncovered. Whereas European consumers generally characterize the flower as luxurious, joyous and exotic, flower salesmen disagree: they find it too simple and unoriginal.

Florists and their customers do agree on a few other points regarding the Alstroemeria, however. For one, both groups say it is an ‘appealing’ flower, with the polled florists only being a tiny bit less in agreement than the consumers (81% to 75%). Both groups also agree that it is a pretty and refined flower, which tends to last quite long once cut.

There is also quite some agreement regarding the favorite color: both buyers and sellers prefer white. Florists put red and pink varieties in second and third place, while consumers opt for orange and red, consecutively.

The Alstroemeria’s name recognition leaves a lot to be desired still: while nearly 90% of Dutch consumers said they recognize the flower, a massive 70% was also unable to come up with its name when asked.

Its availability is clearly not the issue, however: 73% of florists always have the Peruvian Lily in stock and an additional 26% say they regularly do. German florists are an outlier here: they store it much less regularly.

The survey polled consumers in Germany, France, Italy, Russia, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Florists were polled in Germany, France, The Netherlands and the UK.

How do you think this survey results reflecting  United States Customers’ and Flower Shops’ opinions ?

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