Mother’s Day Statistics

Source: DIY Father, Pro Flowers
Date Verified: 3.20.2012

Total amount of mothers in the world 2 billion
Total amount of mother in the U.S. 82.5 million
Total amount of money spent on Mother’s Day Cards annually $671 million
Total average amount of money the average person will spend on gifts of their mom on mother’s day $126.90
Total amount of money spent on flowers for their mothers on mother’s day $1.9 billion
Total amount of money that will be spent for mothers on Mothers Day $14.6 billion
Total amount of consumers that will take place in mother’s day in some form 96%
Total percentage of all transactions on holidays that take place on Mother’s day 24%
Total percent of all gifts bought on mothers day that are flowers 69%
Total amount of flowers bought on mothers day that by mothers that are for themselves 13%
Total percentage of dads that think small gestures are more important that buying items on mothers day 94%
Total percentage of dads who say mothers day is perfect to create unforgettable experiences 84%
Total percentage of dads who say they take over mothers responsibilities on mothers day 83%

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