We have incredibly  talented and professional designers in the Philadelphia area. We were lucky to have experienced the following AIFD certified designers at Pennock Floral during March, Tim Farrell, Bill Schaffer, Kristine Kratt, Adriene Presti and Ron Mulray.

Delaware Valley Florist Association sponsored an event  at Pennock Floral that featured the talents of  Ron Mulray AIFD and Adriene Presti AIFD called “A Wedding Story”.   Approximately 125 floral professionals attended this show, and were truly wowed with the new trends, designs, and cost cutting ideas demonstrated. Pennock would like to Thank the designers and all attendees for helping to make this night successful and fun for all.

We wanted to share a remark from on of our facebook followers: Robin Kominsky Heller A rousing success! ‘A Wedding Story’ design show at Pennock Floral tonight! Thanks to Ron Mulray and Adriene Presti for their wonderful designs and entertaining presentation. And large thanks to Pennock for hosting us!”

Take a look at 50 Photos from “A Wedding Story” on our facebook page  http://alturl.com/a8ywh

In an effort to support the floral industry and our passion for continuing education, Pennock was proud to host an AIFD certification workshop this past weekend. The attendees were able to receive hands on training from Tim Farrell AIFD, as well as extra support from Bill Schaffer AIFD and Kris Kratt AIFD.

We would like to Thank each floral professional who attended one or both of these events for helping us on our journey to reach our mission within the floral industry.

Tim Farrell, www.farrellsflorist.com

Bill Schaffer,& Kristine Kratt, www.schafferdesigns.com

Adriene Presti, www.dahliaweddings.com

Ron Mulray, www.philadelphiaflowerco.com

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