By Ted Johnson

In the  early stages of flower exports from Colombia,  flower quality generally was  hit or miss with many of the growing  and post- harvest processes still undefined or unused. One Colombian grower,  Jardines de los Andes quickly became the “gold” standard of chrysanthemums and alstroemeria by providing a consistent superior product.   Seeing an opportunity for quality Columbian flowers Colleen Taber’s parents obtained exclusivity from the pioneering Colombian grower- Jardines de los Andes and formed the company Gardens America. .
Nearly 45 years ago Pennock was the first customer of Gardens America and we continue to promote and support Gardens America as a preferred vendor.   Today there are many growers of chrysanthemums and alstroemeria but they are still compared to the quality of Gardens  America.  Pennock is proud to carry a full selection of open market Gardens products as well as standing orders.

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