The Bride’s Bouquets

By Valerie McNichols

Throughout centuries bouquets have been used for weddings as an accessory to the bride.  She would carry herbs and garlic bulbs as they have been thought to ward off evil spirits.  Now-a-days brides carry a myriad of different types of botanicals, flowers and herbs.  There’s no rule in what a bride can or cannot carry, it’s all personal preference.  I am a firm believer in creative expression so if a bride wants to mix and match colors and textures it truly up to the designer to convey that by creating an amazing bouquet for her.

• The yellow bouquet is a dynamic mixture of aromatic treats and bold flower combinations. Ranunculus, leucadendron, roses, honey bracelet, statice, dusty miller, and miniature fern are all included.

• The white bouquet is a delicate design of roses and azalea blooms in crisp whites. What sets this bouquet apart from the rest is the technique used by pulling all of the center petals from the roses to create a garden rose effect by exposing the anthers.

• The jewel tone bouquet is a romantic blend of local branches and Holland anemones with accents of hydrangea, tulips, astringea, and podocarpus foliage.

• The pink bouquet is a girly mix of lush peonies, carnations, wax flower and local pear blossoms and finished of with a chic aqua ribbon.

Given the creative freedom to enter the large floral coolers to create bouquets for this blog is a dream come true.  Having endless stock of unique blooms and different species will certainly fill my artistic needs here at the Pennock Company.  You too can create magnificent and dynamic bouquets just pop in and see the plethora of floral delights behind our doors.

Florals Created & Designed by Valerie McNichols for The Pennock Company

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6 Responses

  • It’s hard to say that one bouquet is more beautiful..but I think my fave is the yellow. I wish I was getting married again just for the flowers! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • How lucky Pennock is to have such talent and energy behind them! The yellow bouquet gets my vote as I love the honey bracelet and statice…would never have thought to use them! Thanks for the ideas and keep them coming!
    Wonder what fabulous bouts you would make to complement this great bouquets?
    I will stayed tuned!

  • Val, you are Soo talented! I miss working with you, I need more inspiration in my life.. I am so happy for you and all of your wonderful brides!!

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