Best Practices for Retail Display of Fresh Cut Roses and Lilies

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Best Practices for Retail Display of Fresh Cut Roses and Lilies

T.A. Nell, Professor Emeritus,  R.T. Leonard and A.M. Alexander, Biological Scientists Department of Environmental Horticulture, University of Florida, Gainesville, 32611

This study evaluated a range of temperatures and display times using retail floral coolers on the postharvest performance of cut Roses and Asiatic hybrid lilies.

Flowers were kept in the display coolers for 2, 4, 6, or 8 days. Control flowers were displayed outside the coolers at room temperature (70 °F, 70 ftc (12 hrs/day) and 50% relative humidity).

Result for  ‘Charlotte’ Roses 5 days after removal from 8 days in display conditions.

Photo 1.  Result for  Lilies 8 days after removal from 4 days in display conditions.

Photo 2.

Flowers displayed at room temperatures had a rapid decline in fresh weight, took up less vase solution, and had a significant reduction in vase life during subsequent consumer conditions. Displaying flowers at the lower temperatures in florist coolers significantly increased vase life up to 8.5 days for roses and 9.4 days for lilies. A short display of 4 days or less at temperatures < 42 °F will maximize vase life.

Using display coolers is an easy way to maintain flower quality during retail display. Flowers will last significantly longer for customers if retailers keep stems cold.


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