Miss Piggy Rose

Miss Piggy rose plant

Like the famous diva in The Muppets this rose presents a public face of the soul of feminine charm, that can instantly fly into an impressive temper whenever she thinks she’s insulted or thwarted. Still, destined for stardom. “Sweetly pink on the outside and famously fierce on the inside. Kermit is one lucky frog. Miss Piggy+ could easily become the love of my life.”

During the prestigious Hortifair 2010, Miss Piggy won Fleur Premeur 2010, the award for best introduction of a new flower!

Colour pink going on fire
Stem Length 50 – 80 cm
Vase Life 8 – 14 days


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7 Responses

  • I like the description of the flower, a new way of relating to a specific, might be excellent marketing tool. Would the correlation of a Piggy and the romantic
    suggestions of a rose this wonderful, be a setback for the gentleman sending?

  • love miss piggy rose to bits, can i buy this rose to grow in my garden, and what price and supplier, In small quntity . regards pauline from leicester.

  • I would like to know where i can purchase the Miss Piggy rose as a plant as a pose to a bunch of flowers any ideas?

    I am from England (kent) but am willing to travel or pay shipping costs as it is for a memorial garden

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