On a personal note from Ted Johnson

Yesterday one of my generation’s floral  icons was laid to rest.  I remember most every week,  Lady Jane (Gallagher) would sweep into our Pennock facility on Stokley Street to inspect, select, critique the  flowers for her shop and party work.  Full of enthusiasm, and perpetually dramatic, I envied her design sense, personal style and what some would call a penchant for outrageousness.  Life didn’t always go way Jane would have planned  over the years but she was still charming,  witty, and attractive.  With feather boas draped on the chair backs, and pink flamingos guarding  the corners of the room and music playing, I half expected to see her.  But  Jane was only there in her friends, our hearts and the photographs on the tables.

Thank you Jane and be at peace .

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