Flower of the Month – Echeveria

Echeveria 'Perle von Nurnberg' (picture above) is a fantastic cultivar. Large rosy red leaves in a nice rosette.

Would you like to make a very special arrangement?
Instead of using only fresh cut flowers, add some living succulent plants. They are full of an incredible amount of texture.
Although derived from the plant family, echeveria is a little untraditional with a lot of personality and intrigue.
Be original, there are so many varieties of flowers and plants that your customers may not even know exist.
Surprise them and open a door to the wonderful world of flowers.

Colors: Silver, Plain Green, Red Edges, Red/Pink, Blue/Green
Vase Life:8-11 days, after using it in arrangements you can put Echeveria in wet moss and it will begin to root.
Availability: Available year round
Average Length: 2.5-6 in
Packing: Echeveria sells by each or case pack 20

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